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Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion

Overview Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion

The ministry was established by the Royal Decree No. 40/74. Its organizational structure contained three Directorates General: The Directorate General of Commerce, the Directorate General of Industry, and the Ministry’s Bureau, in addition to the Commerce and Industry Office in Dhofar Governorate. Due to the expansion occurred, there were consecutive organizational structures that included the following:

  • Directorate General of Planning
  • Directorate General of Administrative and Financial Affairs
  • Directorate General of Commerce
  • Directorate General of Industry
  • Directorate General of Minerals
  • Directorate General of Standardization and Measurements
  • Directorate General of the Development of Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Directorate General of Commerce and Industry in Dhofar Governorate
  • Directorate General of Commerce and Industry in Batina Oman’s Commercial Bureau in Dubai

The Ministry established Oman’s Bureau at the World Trade Organization where they could have negotiations with the WTO, fulfilling Oman’s commitments towards the WTO, and following up other recommendations with respect to other entities.

Invest Easy(One Stop Shop) is one of the major initiatives of MOCI. The Invest Easy portal provides fast and easy e-services to help setting up and manage companies in Oman. It offers e-services that help minimize paperwork and save costs and time.

The Invest Easy initiative aims at providing citizens, entrepreneurs, prospective investors and businesses with the services and information they need quickly and efficiently. This helps transform Oman into a country with easy, reliable and transparent business environment.


The Ministry aims at creating a private sector that is capable of contributing to the development of the Omani national economy by providing appropriate environments.


The Royal Decree No. 102/ 2005 promulgated the MOCI:

  1. Developing and improving Oman’s relationships with other countries with respect to Trade, Industry, and Minerals; developing and activating cooperation with the relevant organizations and establishments; participate in regional and international conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions; representing Oman in all gatherings related to the Ministry’s specializations.
  2. Setting up the rules and procedures for organizing and enhancing Oman’s close relations with the WTO and other Arabic, regional, and international commercial organizations.
  3. Suggesting the strategies and plans to activate the Commercial, Industrial, and Minerals sectors in a way that they develop the Omani economy.
  4. Acting upon the application and well implementation of laws related to the Ministry’s specializations. Preparing rules and regulations to control commercial companies and establishments in accordance with the applicable laws, decrees, and regulations.
  5. Regulating import/ export procedures in a way that ensures availability and quality of commodities in the main local markets, stability of prices, and ensures consumers’ protection and making the community aware of the commercial information.
  6. Providing all data and statistics, conducting researches and studies so as to promote the development plans and increase production efficiency in the commercial, industrial, and mineral fields.
  7. Preparing technical studies for developing industries and assessing industrial projects and establishments.
  8. Setting up and proposing plans, programmes, and studies suitable for best utilizing mineral resources by conducting geological surveys and drilling for, producing, and marketing minerals.
  9. Protecting the intellectual properties including inventions and innovations in accordance with the regulating laws and agreements, and in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  10. Performing, in coordination with the concerned authorities, regular inspections on the commercial establishments and shops involved in technical business to ensure that the offered goods are genuine and conform to the approved standards.
  11. Granting commercial, industrial, and mining permits, and technical licenses pertaining to the Ministry’s specializations; Registering establishments, agencies, and commercial and industrial brands.
  12. Granting licenses to establish and operate petrol stations, stores of liquefied gas cylinders, and controlling sale and distribution of oil derivatives all over Oman.
  13. Conducting inspection and lab tests at the Ministry’s laboratories to determine standard specifications and quality control.
  14. Acting on serving investors and facilitating their needs with respect to the Ministry’s specializations.
  15. Acting on the development of the Ministry’s workforce to achieve its goals.


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